In March, 1999 according to the Resolution of the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan was created the Republican school "Zhas Ulan" of a name of general S. K.Nurmagambetova.

The idea of creation of special educational institution where from a school bench future military leaders for Armed forces of independent Kazakhstan would prepare, belongs to the President of the country Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev. During School presentation, on November 4, 1999 the President of the country – the Supreme Commander RK Armed forces N.A.Nazarbayev left entry in the Book of guests of honor. He wished to pupils to become worthy citizens of the country, faithful defenders of independent Kazakhstan.

At all times the protection of the Fatherland was considered as the highest civil valor. To continue traditions of legendary batyrs, soldiers of the Great Patriotic War are called pupils of Republican school "Zhas Ulan".

And it isn't casual, the name of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Halyk Kaharmany of general S. K.Nurmagambetova is appropriated to School, whose life and military work are an example for young defenders of the Homeland. Pupils are proud of the School and that it bears a name of the legendary hero of the Kazakh people, the first Minister of Defence of sovereign Kazakhstan.

The school is average educational institution for profound studying state and foreign languages, military disciplines, and also the strengthened physical preparation.

Republican school "Zhas Ulan" of a name of general Nurmagambetov S. K. is the only military educational institution in the republic where training of pupils is carried out from 7th till the 11th grades.

One of the main tasks of School is education at pupils of love to the Homeland - the Republic of Kazakhstan, civic consciousness, patriotism and internationalism. At Zhas Ulan school honor traditions of each people, after all children of 12 nationalities here are trained.

Basis of teaching and educational work at School is "the combination of high insistence to fatherlike care of children". Taking into account it the command and teaching structure also was completed.

On December 8, 2011 was a solemn opening of the new building of Republican school "Zhas Ulan" with participation of the President of the country - the Supreme Commander Armed forces of the Republic of Kazakhstan of Nazarbayev N. A.

The republican school "Zhas Ulan" has the modern educational material resources including educational rooms and classrooms, equipped with all necessary for the organization of process of training and education of ulans.

The newest technical training is used in educational process. There are12 classes of interactive training, computer classes, a language class are widely applied to learning of foreign language. Ulans have opportunity in perfection to seize the computer equipment.

On an equal basis with habitual school subjects pupils master purely military disciplines: all-military tactics, communication bases, drill, all-army regulations and other subjects.

In classes on military disciplines there are samples of military equipment and the weapon where ulans can fix studied material in practice.

To the pupils planning after leaving school to seize flight specialty, opportunity to take the first steps on sky conquest already is now given. Since September, 2007 for future pilots on the basis of the Republican State Enterprise "State Aviation Center" classes are given in flight preparation with qualification assignment "The pilot of the light airplane".

Pupils of School take part in the Olympic Games in subjects of the training, carried out by city department of national education.

At School all conditions for normal training and accommodation of children are created. The state completely assumed expenses according to the maintenance of pupils.

There is a library, book fund which has more than thirty five thousand copies educational and fiction.

In a reading room of library ulans have opportunity to examine literature novelties, to read the fresh periodical press, to prepare articles.

In the club of School are held various circles of amateur performances , educational and entertaining events .

Ulans accept active in participation various festive and competitive city actions. Pupils of Republican School "Zhas Ulan" repeatedly became winners of the competition of a soldier's song.

Pupils of School have opportunity to visit museums, theaters, libraries and other cultural and leisure centers of the capital. For ulans are organized meetings with famous actors of theaters, writers, artists, scientists and outstanding athletes.

There are all conditions for physical improvement of pupils: there is a football field with the artificial covering, the covered swimming pool, 7 sports sections are special popularity among sections of oriental martial arts, free-style wrestling, volleyball and basketball .

Repeatedly ulans protected sports honor of School at city, regional and republican competitions on different types of sports. Among graduates of School there is a champion of Kazakhstan on karate and candidates for the master of sports on boxing and powerlifting.

Graduates of School for further training go to military schools of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Besides, they can go for training to the best military schools of other states according to the decision of the management of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Kazakhstan according to international treaties.

Now graduates of Republican school "Zhas Ulan" continue study in military univercities of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, the Republic of Turkey, Germany.

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